Top 5 Summer Must Haves

Since today is the First Day Of Summer, I thought I would share my TOP 5 Summer MUST HAVES!
Top 5 Summer Must Haves
1. Havaianas | Top Metallic Sandal Sand Grey/Light Golden – It’s the perfect sandal that will go with every cover up. They are also great with a pair of jeans or shorts!
2. SurferGirl | Skin Care – You must always take care of your skin. This lotion is also available in a shimmer! For the ladies, you can use this lotion as a moisturizer before you put on your makeup.
3. FreePeople | Dolphin Hem Short. Need I say more?
4. Not Your Mothers | Beach Babe Products. Every girl is looking for the perfect product that will give them the beachy/wavy look . I love these products and use them on a daily basis.
5. ZowEE | Gold Chain Cross Necklace. I wear necklaces everyday. I love using unique and long necklaces to complete an outfit.  Zowee’s brand fits just that! You can purchase her line at Tanya B!

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