Celebrate Summer Recap: Serene Sky

Sunday, June 29th I hosted the Celebrate Summer Event for Serene Sky at Salon Thairapy In Huntington Beach! Pekokwithin Shop Truck, JD Luxe Fashion Shop Truck, Serene Sky, Native Sunshine, DJ Sandok, Sweet Kacys Desserts and Garden os Sins all participated in this fun day.10414590_10152583273467059_5610751561094811793_n

Serene Sky 

Donna is the owner of Serene Sky. She offers a variety of hand made jewelry by local artists in Orange County. All pieces are well priced and unique. You can walk down the street knowing that you have a one of kind piece. Donna is building her brand daily. Lot’s of great things are in store for Serene Sky, including a CLOTHING LINE! Below are a few of the items that she had at our “Celebrate Summer Event,” want too see more? Check out Serene Sky’s website!


Here were my top 5 Picks from Serene Sky


New hair ties for the summer season. Can also be used as a cute bracelet!


Headbands anyone?? How cute are these?


1979554_343694295778036_7474104005964329043_n 10455769_343694532444679_4080995214713655834_n 10462938_343695415777924_5679479308548094087_nI love the summer color nail polish.
10500419_343695652444567_8059742777366719449_n 10505300_343695402444592_4411627628465620366_n

Salon Thairapy

Salon Thairapy is located in Huntington Beach. Laurie has created a fun environment for you to relax and get your hair, skin, nails and more done. I love that when I walked in the whole salon was a family. Everyone was laughing and enjoying the moment. It is a hidden gem in HB that I recommend you check out.


The owner  of Salon Thairapy, Laurie has partnered up with Kamei to create a brand called Native Sunshine. Their combined creativity comes out in every piece they put together.  A blend of modern, fun patterns make every piece unique, fashionable and beach ready.

10514736_10152583273487059_7261800422631415489_nGarden of Sins, another brand that was showcased, is known for their homemade or custom garden headbands! Check out their Instagram for more information. These headbands are perfect for summer.

Dj Sandok

When Dj Sandok showed up, you knew it. He read his crowd and had a perfect play list for the day. Check him out for personal events or see where he is spinning! You won’t be disappointed.10389605_10152583273462059_5371038752845753858_n

Sweet Kacy’s

Stop what you are doing.  If you have not tried one of Sweet Kacy’s cupcakes you are definitely missing out.  The presentation and taste are spot on.  They are a must this summer for any party or event.10441312_343694159111383_7623230274294495217_n

Pekok Within carries brands that the celebrities love! Kim Kardashion, Jessica Alba and even Andy Dick just to name a few. Britteny offers well priced items for both men and women. Anyone shopping in her truck can walk away with some amazing items that won’t break the bank.  She travels all around the OC area doing public and private events and will soon be popping up in apartment complex near you.  Be sure to check out her site and instagram for more details! Shop with Britteny and find your Pekok Within!


JD Luxe Fashion is owned by a FIDM Alumni and Poker Player. Yes, thats right, a poker player! Tyler and Jordana were one of the first pop up shop trucks in the OC area! They have been up and running since 2011 and are taking over the OC/LA area.  Jd Luxe has all the “MUST HAVE” items for the season; clothes, jewelry, handbags and accessories! The great thing about JD Luxe Fashion is if you missed their event or didn’t get that other must have item, they offer an online store! DANGEROUS!!!


Oh! So Cali Clothing

Annie is the owner of Oh! So Cali Clothing. She is amazing! You can find her clothing in boutiques all over the OC and soon on Serene Sky’s WEBSITE!!!! I love the pieces that she offers. I even had to chance to model a few! I can’t wait for you to be able to shop her line! Keep checking back on Serene Sky’s website for updates!



Thank you all for coming out! 

If you would like to see all the photos from the event, visit my Facebook page!

XX, Living In Style OC


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