iSanctuary Event

Tuesday Night I attended the iSanctuary Trunk Show at Sourced in Laguna Beach. It was an honor and a privilege to attend this event. I encourage all of you to check out the iSanctuary website (HERE). They offer amazing jewelry at great prices. When you purchase a piece of jewelry from iSanctuary you are helping to STOP human trafficking as well. Each piece is unique and signed by the women that made it. If you are interested in hosting a party where you too can do your part to help visit (HERE)

What is iSanctuary:

International Sanctuary, a non-profit organization, empowers survivors of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. Founded in September of 2007, in Orange County, California, iSanctuary empowers and equips survivors for their future. With its production base in Mumbai, India, the girls, 12-19 years old, receive skills training, creating handmade items. The products made by survivors are sold in the US at home parties, retail shops and community events. Through these avenues, awareness generates action to fight human trafficking. iSanctuary is working to ensure survivors receive all the elements necessary for restoration, including education, counseling, vocational training, and mental, emotional and spiritual healing.

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