Opus Dining And Cocktails


Words of the owner of Opus Dining

 “For the past 4 years we have been about service and listening to you, our valued customer. Nothing fancy, just good food at reasonable prices. We make everything on site, because we have the most creative chef in all of Orange County!

Opus started out as an Italian Restaurant. We have not forgotten our roots, but we strive to offer variety and adventure to the large, and growing larger, number of loyal customers. So every once in a while, something new will come out of our kitchen, usually to meet the request of a frequent diner.

We expanded our steak offering, and our customers claim they are better than the cuts of beef served at top end chain steakhouses. In response to one recent request, our kitchen created a clam chowder soup that was so good, it is now on the menu full time! Straight from New England. Patrons have been known to make a complete meal of it!

Lately, we listened to our Happy Hour crowd, and delivered on a promise to make a thin crust pizza. It has been a wonderful success! They are even being ordered to go…because our customers want to share them at home too!

Our reputation is built with your second visit….Our friendship begins on your first!

We are here every evening at 4:00 p.m. Give us a chance to be your home away from home, or thekitchen that you don’t have to clean up!”


Opus is excited to announce that Denny Pezzin is BACK ONCE AGAIN!

 Friday 8/15, Saturday 8/16 and Sunday 8/17

Featuring one of Orange County greatest performers! It’s entertainment like no other! Reservations are required! Don’t miss out!

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Opus Dining and Cocktails

Every Day: 4:00 PM – 10:00 PM

3538 East Chapman Avenue
Orange CA, 92869

To Make Reservations: (714) 639-3700

Website | here

Facebook | here


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