Meet Christine “Moxie”

Meet Christine “Moxie”unnamed-3

What inspired you to start your Moxie blog?

Well I started following several bloggers (Happily GreyCara Loren, and Barefoot Blonde) probably a year and a half ago, and I immediately was drawn to the idea of doing a blog of my own. I love fashion and hair and experimenting with new styles. If I was finding inspiration from my fave bloggers, would people maybe be able to find inspiration from me as well?! BUT it literally took my forever to ACTUALLY do it. I was so nervous about putting myself out there and kind of worried about what people might think. Finally about a year later (March of this year), I started my blog! I was still just as nervous but with some nudging from my hubby and a friend, I just decided to go for it! It has literally been the best decision! It’s a fun creative outlet for me to share my outfits and hairstyles. I love writing as well so I get to do a little of that too. Oh, and I’ve made some good friends including Aly who runs this page, duh. 😛 So that part has been awesome too! A bonus I didn’t really think about when I started.

What does Moxie mean/stand for?

Funny story. I have this lip gloss from Bare Minerals call “Marvelous Moxie”. I always thought the word “Moxie” sounded cool but didn’t know what it meant. As I was brainstorming through what to name my blog, that word randomly popped into my head! So I Googled it, and as soon as I read the definition, it was settled! It means force of character, determination, and will. Even the usage example was perfect: “When you’ve got moxie, you need the clothes to match”. I had wanted to start my blog for so long, and I finally got enough “Moxie” in me to do it!


What are three words that describe your style?

Hmmm this is a hard one for me. It’s like when someone says tell me three things you like about yourself! I’m always like um, I don’t know, why don’t you tell me what you like about me, and I’ll go with that! Ha. Sooo here goes. I would say simple and chic but with added flare and individuality from accessories and hairstyles. I like my looks to be clean, but to still include something that is different, and you will be drawn to. I also would say adventurous because I will give most any trend a try but probably add my own touch to make it still look like me!

What is your go-to Fall color?

Soooo all of the sudden, I have been obsessed with burgundy. I got this amazing hat from Coco Rose Boutique (see photo below), and I just can’t get enough. So I’m pretty sure that a number of my fall purchases will be burgundy. I’ve got my eye on the cutest heeled booties from Nordie’s Rack online so hopefully I’ll be adding those to my fall collection soon!

What are your three Fall must haves?

1. The perfect hat like this and this. Hats literally amp up any outfit instantly! They can take your basic jeans and tee look to chic in a matter of minutes!
2. Flared bells here and here (perfect paired with a graphic tee!). OH I also am still obsessing over overalls. So yah, I’ll continue rocking those all fall too.
3. Knee High Socks so we can all rock the Taylor Swift (and also this). They’re so perfect for taking your summer outfits into fall! Especially here in So Cal where we won’t have much in the way of cold weather for a few more months.

What’s one fun fact about you?

I’ll leave you with a few! I’m a hairstylist. I was home-schooled my entire life. I’ve run four marathons. And I have a degree in Spanish. Also, coffee #alldayerrday.
Christine “Moxie” and i will be hosting and event tomorrow night in Yorba Linda with @triplethreadoc for an awesome end of the summer clothing event, AUGUST 29 “TOMORROW” ! Cohosted by me,@livinginstyleoc and Christine Bennett of @mox_ie , this is an event you won’t want to miss out on! TONS of new inventory and amazing styles at prices we guarantee you won’t be able to find anywhere else! ~ Desserts & Treats ~ ~ Wine & Cheese ~ ~ Photobooth ~ (courtesy of the talented @paperfoxla ) ~ New Styles ~ ~ Awesome Giveaways EVERY HOUR ~ Don’t forget to invite all of your friends to join in on the fun!! We can’t wait to see you all there ♥♥
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