Meet Feather 4 Arrow


 Meet Feather 4 Arrow a local OC Brand from San Clemente // Feather 4 Arrow is a collection of unique printed tees that blend easy comfort with rebellious style. Inspired by the southern California beach culture, the collection is both free spirited and chic with just a touch of tomboy.  Topped off with a healthy dose of attitude, the mixture of intricate hand drawn graphics and bold statement tees embody the essence of Feather 4 Arrow’s fun and laid back approach to fashion.

Where did the name Feather 4 Arrow come from? I wanted to create a name that would be a good representation for both girls and boys, since I started with the children’s line first. I thought Feathers and Arrows. I did a little word play on that and came up with Feather 4 Arrow like in the book “Like Water for Chocolate”.

What are your inspirations when creating new styles for the line? I get a lot of my inspiration from the southern California lifestyle. I try to create fun beach inspired graphics with a little edge.

What made you decided to start a clothing line for children/adults? I first started off with the kids line. My friends started having babies and I realized it was really difficult to find gifts that matched my style. I decided to start tie-dying and screen printing onesies. As the business grew and the graphics evolved, I thought to myself “I have to start designing a women’s t-shirt line as well”.

What is your favorite piece from the line for fall and why? My favorite piece is the Harvest Moon muscle tee. I collaborated with this amazing artist from Australia. I added some fun gold, foil accents to the print that I think really makes the design stand out. This top reminds me of Byron Bay one of my favorite little hippy towns in Australia.









A fun fact about Feather 4 Arrow you would want everyone to know! I think probably the most unusual fact is that I started the kids line and didn’t have any children of my own. You would think having my own kids would inspire me to create fun kid clothes.

The good news is that I am now pregnant with my first child. Early in my pregnancy, when I was designing the children’s 2015 Spring line, I noticed I was designing a lot of boy-inspired graphics. This was unusual for me as I tended more towards girl-inspired designs rather than boy. I know now that I am having a baby boy, so I think that played a big part in designing the new children’s Spring line.10449537_360410537439745_7120022544011571094_n

Jamie and I at Magic in Las Vegas “Pool Trade Show” Tomorrow  see one of my favorite shirts from Feather 4 Arrow styled 3 different ways!

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