Blown Away Beauty Bar

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I had the opportunity to visit Blown Away Beauty Bar last Thursday in preparation for the Live the Look Event at South Coast Plaza with Rachel Zoe.  They were wonderful in helping my hair look its best for the event.  The best part about the styling is it LASTED all NIGHT.  This is key as we have all done our hair and by the time you walk out the door it is flat.  I love everything about this place.  I wish I could have one of the beauty bar stylists do my hair every day.    The decor, the ambiance, and the staff were all perfection in my eyes.  Blown Away Beauty Bar definitely has it all from extensions, make up, waxing, eyelashes, and of course blowouts and styling.   Blown Away Beauty Bar helps you to look your best wether it is for an evening gala or a fun night out on the town with the girls.  “Champs” is never a bad idea when you are getting styled either.


(949) 481-0830


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