Meet My Summer Choice, Diabolo

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#sodaswap2015 – win a $250 grocery shopping spree!

Diabolo invites you to join us in making healthier, smarter choices all year long in our #sodaswap2015 campaign!

 Replacing your regular soda with the all natural, low calorie, low sugar and B-Vitamin enhanced option of DIABOLO is a step in the right direction. But why stop there? Let’s make other swaps in life with better food choices, more fitness activities, and ways to make more time for yourself and loved ones.

Share your story, photos and videos about how you’re creating a more #healthy #happy and #productive life by “following” us and tagging @drinkdiabolo and #sodaswap2015 – we’ll share our most inspiring tips and the grand prize winner will receive $250 grocery shopping spree!IMG_1139

Product Benefits/Info:

  • Low Calorie
  • Low Sugar
  • Enriched with B Vitamins
    • B3
    • B6
    • B12
    • B5
  • The Refreshing line (French Sodas) are completely all natural, sweetened with a combination of pure cane sugar & stevia– a great alternative to regular and diet sodas
  • The Energizing line (LOCOs) contains all natural flavors & colors. Our energy drinks provides a healthy boost without the “crash”.
    • Available at: Albertsons, Bristol Farms, Northgate, Basha’s, Lucky, Save Mart, HEB, Lassen’s, Circle K, & Seafood City,
    • For sales, recipe and cocktail ideas and healthy tips, follow Diabolo on Instagram, Twitter & FB: @drinkdiabolo


Everyone always pushes at the beginning of the year to start making healthier choices anndddddd once you get to about June or July, lets be honest, it has all pretty much gone out the window.  Red Wine and lying by the pool just doesn’t seem to go together too well so most of turn to either a soda packed with sugar or artificial sweeteners or a beer which doesn’t do anybody any good when it comes to bikini season.  Then I found Diabolo.  Diabolo or Diabolo Loco is a delicious, refreshing, alternative to your traditional poolside beverage or your daily soda for that kick of caffeine we all need every now and then.  I love that these drinks are all natural and do not lack in the flavor department.  Normally when you take out all the stuff that is bad for you the flavor goes out the door along with it.  This is definitely not the case with Diabolo.  The Dragon Fruit Punch is amazing and makes one heck of a mixer too.  Don’t hesitate to make the healthy soda swap this summer.



 Made with DIABOLO Dragon Fruit Plum and Grapefruit Juice:

2 Parts Diabolo Dragon Fruit Plum
1 Part Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice
Frozen berries 
Lime wedge 

Mix DIABOLO and juice in a large glass. Fill with frozen berries and garnish with a lime wedge.

To experience more Diabolo Cocktails, Food Recipes and Fitness Tips Click (Here)


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