Year 1

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2014 was a great year filled with many memories and new experiences. I am truly blessed. As I sit here and think of it all, I honestly don’t know where to  begin. This journey has been a roller coaster, but definitely worth the ride.


I want to thank my family, friends, and most of all my husband for encouraging me to take this leap of faith. This was something that I have always wanted to do, but wasn’t sure I could actually pull the trigger. I thank the Lord daily for the idea of Living In Style OC and I constantly pray that he continues to guide me on this journey. Its all because of Him and of course all of you that I am where I am today.year3

I could sit here and write for hours about this past year and post tons of photos, but I know you’re all busy and want me to get to the good stuff! What’s 2015 going to bring? Well, I can tell you that there ARE SOME AWESOME things to come. However, I can’t get into too much detail just yet, as things are in the final stages. BUT….I can tell you there is a fun announcement coming tomorrow! Be sure to check back!year1

For more fun photos of this past year, visit older posts!

XX, Living In Style OC


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