Meet Jenny & Taylor Of Casual4Cause And Find Out About Their New Kickstarter Adventure


This week I had the chance to meet up with two of the sweetest OC girls, Jenny & Taylor from Casual 4 Cause and interview them on their new adventure through Kickstarter! . I met these ladies at a Blogger event back in October and we really hit it off. We talked about all our future dreams and ideas. I am excited today to share that their dreams have became a reality! Jenny & Taylor have such big hearts for giving back and wanting to help. Below you will have a chance to get to know Jenny & Taylor and learn about their cause. I encourage you all to take a look at their Kickstarter, every little bit helps!



Meet Jenny
For me, wanting to make a difference in the world started when I was young. I lost a friend of mine in a car accident and his parents made the brave decision to donate his heart (hence the heart logo) along with other organs. Christopher, who received Tommy’s heart, has flourished in life and has now had Tommy’s heart longer than the heart he was born with! Through that whole experience I saw firsthand what amazing things people can do for one another and knew that no matter what I did in/with my life, I wanted to make a positive difference in the lives of others.


Meet Taylor
It sounds cheesy, but during the later part of highschool and all of college- I watched Oprah EVERY day. From a young age, I always knew I wanted to change the world in some way, but it wasn’t until during Oprah– she asked the question “what do you know for sure?” that it truly clicked. In that moment and still very true today, one of the only things I know FOR SURE is that– I want to have and leave an impact on the world. With that mind set, my creative-driven mind and learning how to run a business through many years in retail sales– I know casual 4 a cause is the exact business I was meant to be a part of.


Tell Us How You Two Met & How C4C Came About
Taylor– I am a firm believer in “what is for you, will not pass you.” Jenny and I met working for a large non-profit organization in Orange County. At first, like most work relationships, we were cordial in the halls and meetings. But, after the first time hanging out outside of work (possibly with an adult beverage), we kind of just become connected at the hip. We are so similar on so many things and so very different on other things, but I truly feel we are soul sisters. Our work style with c4c compliments each other very well, we have learned from each other and I am constantly in awe of Jenny’s work ethic.

Jenny – She is so nice, haha! I think by work ethic she means that my mind never stops, which means I am constantly bugging her, haha!

Taylor-We knew we wanted to incorporate helping people (specifically women to begin with) with the idea of our business. We went through many brainstorming sessions and ultimately, Jenny conceptualized the idea of t-shirts being associated with giving back. The concept is for each t-shirt sold 4 dollars will go to a micro-grant fund that will be used to help women entrepreneurs with their business or a specific skilled trade. We also hope through us being self-starters and learning about the world of entrepreneurship– that we will be able to mentor these woman on some level, as well.

Jenny – And the more we grow the more causes we will be able to help! Growing up I was always asked, “what do you want to do with your life/for a career?” The only thing that remained a constant was helping others – and wanting to have my own business. I was born and raised in Southern Orange County which meant jeans and a tee are my favorite things to wear. Then one night, the idea just came to me: casual fashion and philanthropy. I wanted to start a t-shirt line that also gave back. (Taylor explains more specifically above)


To Help Raise Money For C4C You Started A Kickstarter Account That Will Run For The Next 30 Days, Tell Us A Little More About That
Kickstarter is a FABULOUS platform. Each project posted on Kickstarter is independently created and together the creators and the backers make projects happen! Project creators set a funding goal and deadline. If people like a project, they can pledge money to help bring it to life. Funding on Kickstarter is all-or-nothing — projects must reach their funding goals to receive any money.

We were drawn to Kickstarter because of course you need funds to start a business and that is something we weren’t sure how we were going to come up with. We love Kickstarter because “it’s supporting dreams to create something that people want to see exist in the world. People rally around their friends’ projects, fans support people they admire, and others simply come to Kickstarter to be inspired by new ideas. Building a community of backers around an idea is amazing.”

We will have multiple “pledge levels”, each with a corresponding “reward” for one or multiple (depending on what level you choose) of our tees. AND we are offering special “early bird pricing” to the first 150 “backers”!


Any Final Words Before We Head Over To The Kickstarter
We are very THANKFUL. We have met so many amazing people (like you Alyssa!) through this journey and cannot wait to see what lies ahead for us. We have many ideas on how we can grow, collaborate, and help other women entrepreneurs reach their goals!

Every moment to this point has been more exciting than the last, but I think the true point where I will know we have “made it” will be awarding our first micro-grant! I can’t wait to start making a difference.


Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 11.25.53 AMClick here to visit there Kickstarter Page!



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