Behind The Scenes at Neiman Marcus

Have you ever wondered how long it takes a stylist and their crew to prepare a runway show from start to finish? This always crosses my mind as I watch look after look grace the runway. Are they throwing pieces on the models as they walk out, or is this planned way in advance? Neiman Marcus invited me to go behind the scenes of their Art Of Fashion Spring 2015 Runway show. The day before the show I paid a visit to “The Room.” The room where all the magic happens. The NM Visual team had been working 2 days straight preparing 61 looks head to toe! This would be my dream job! Being locked in a room which resembles a big walk in closet for 3 days. Where do I sign up?  This was a true Carrie Bradshaw moment.

IMG_1153 IMG_1158 IMG_1163IMG_1166IMG_1165IMG_1162IMG_1156IMG_1171IMG_1167IMG_1177XX, Living In Style OC



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