The Art Of Fashion Spring 2015


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Fashion shows are so exciting. You never really know what look is going to come around the corner. Are you going to love it and have that “OMG I have to have it moment” or are you going to have to sit back and let every detail digest.

This years MODERNIST RUNWAY Fashion Show at Neiman Marcus definitely impressed. Each look created a moment of awe and thought. By the time I wrapped my head around look one, look two was already there! I didn’t want to miss a moment. Each look had so much detail! Even though I had the chance to see everything the day before there is no experience like the final product.

To see all the looks visit Living In Style OC’s Facebook Page!

1FSIMG_1203 2fs IMG_13503fs11058505_451931418287656_4210300323500694315_n


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