Living in Style OC is absolutely amazing! Alyssa is on top of her game! She will bring your company/ business to the next level! She has an eye for fashion and knows exactly how to promote anything and everything!

– Mary, OC


Living In Style OC is one of my favorite blogs! I love how it’s styled, I get the best fashion tips from it and it keeps me in the know of what’s going on in Orange County. But most of all Living In Style OC always gives positive vibes and uplifts me with each post. Oh and she is a total babe! Love it!!

– Whitney, OC


L-O-V-E Living in Style OC! I always keep my eye on Alyssa’s blog for need.to.know.now events and boutiques in the area!!

– Micha , TX


I have had the privilege of working with Alyssa for over a year now, and I can honestly say she is one of the kindest, most sincere people I’ve ever met. On top of that, she is beautiful and always on point with her style. I love following Living in Style OC because Alyssa highlights so many great local spots, from retail to restaurants, showcasing both budget-friendly and high-end. I mean, she basically does the work for me!

– Heather Myers, OC “River & Bridge”


I love Living In Style OC because its current, chic, but above all relate-able. I can find some of the hottest places in Orange County for fashion, dining, and every day life through their social media sites. It’s extremely accessible and convenient. Living In Style OC is more than just a company, its a lifestyle.

– Taralee, OC “Simply Taralee”


I found Living in Style OC a few weeks ago via Instagram! I was so excited to have something to let me know about fun places in Orange County! My hubby and I always do the same things and have been on the lookout for new places to eat and hang out at! And of course, as a fashion blogger, I love any shopping suggestions! So I am loving Living in Style! Plus I got to meet Aly and she’s the sweetest! Make sure you follow along!

– Christine, OC  Blogger “Mox_ie”


Anytime I am in need of inspiration with fashion, beauty tips and hotspots for a great meal, LISOC is my number 1 go to page! The posts are refreshing and stylish and Alyssa has done a fantastic job creating a page for any generation to enjoy. I cannot go a single day without looking at LISOC! …

– Raquel, NV


I’m not one that you would consider a fashionista. As much as I appreciate & love fashion, I just don’t have the eye or the creativity to put an outfit together. However, Aly Denny is quite the fashionista! I get so many ideas and get inspired when I see the post from LISTOC! Another great thing you get are ideas on where to go in the OC! I recommend LISTOC to everyone, you won’t be disappointed!

– Maria, OC


I love everything about Living in Style OC. Alyssa is always on top of all the trends and trying new places. I get to pick her brain when she comes to see me for her brow shaping appointments. I always find myself asking her where she got her clothes and accessories! I can’t wait to see what other OC gems LISOC recommends!

– Crystal, OC “Beauty By Crystal Jean”


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